Antique Artillery Reproductions and Muzzle Loading Cannon Replicas

hp1Among full scale reproductions in regular production is the early 18th century Spanish/French iron 6-pounder shown above in use in the living history program at a national historic site. That gun and comparable others are illustrated in our catalog.






The Continental

Barrel length – 14″, Bore – 5/8″, Wheel diameter – 9 1/2″, Overall length – 26″, Weight – 45 lbs.

One of our sub-scale guns is the “Continental”.

The Continental represents the Revolutionary period, and is ideally sized as a fireplace or room accent, or as a miniature for sport shooting under appropriately safe circumstances.

Construction of the Continental is all iron and steel save for brass trunnion caps.  A brass safety rammer and bore sponge accompany each unit.

Important safety and historical information is detailed in the catalog.