Antique Artillery Reproductions and Muzzle Loading Cannon Replicas

Antique Artillery and Cannoneer Books


Catalog of Antique/Replica Ordnance

(1) Catalog of Antique/Replica Ordnance

The More Complete Cannoneer

(2) The More Complete Cannoneer.

The Lifesaving Guns of David Lyle

(3) The Lifesaving Guns of David Lyle

Round Shot and Rammers

(4) Round Shot and Rammers


  1.  Barnett, J.P., A Catalog of Antique/Replica Ordnance.  144 pages.  South Bend Replicas, Inc. product descriptions, with text and over 1400 photographs of practical and historical significance.  Useful introductory material with strong emphasis on safety; unusual appendix with information undocumented elsewhere.  LC card No. 86-179493.  $9.00
  2. Switlik, M.C., The More Complete Cannoneer.  210 pages.  Included reprinted historical material of central importance to advancing students of antique artillery, alongside expert observations by a lifelong working historian with major interest in that field.  Subjects include barrel and carriage reproduction, crew drill, and related subjects.  LC card No. UF 152.S 94 1990.  $20.00
  3. Barnett, J.P., The Lifesaving Guns of David Lyle.  107 pages.  Study of Lyle guns, developed in 1878 and used for three quarters of a century for projecting lifelines to an from persons stranded by shipwreck and other disaster.  Contains information important to users of antique artillery and vital to sponsors of U.S.L.S.S. lifesaving drill demonstrations.  LC card No. 77-670028.  $12.50
  4. Peterson, H.L., Round Shot and Rammers.  121 pages.  Best introductory text every written on muzzleloading artillery from 16th to 19th centuries.  History; observations; drafted illustrations; marvelous bibliography.  LC card No. 6-16153.  $20.00